4 common Indian dals, their protein content, calories and tips to make them easily at home

Moong is one of the most common and frequently used dal in Indian households and holds a lot of nutrition with a delicious taste. There are three types of moong dal – yellow, split green moong, and whole green moong dal. It is one of the most easily cooked dals. You can just soak it for 5 minutes and put in the pressure cooker for cooking. This dal can be used to make Khichdi, Halwa and Moonglet, which is a nutritious breakfast option for vegetarians.

Nutrition facts

In just 1 cup of whole green moong dal, there are 236 calories that include 16 gms of protein and 16 gms of fibre. On the other hand, a cup of yellow moong dal has about 147 calories in it with 25 gms of protein and 12 gms of fibre present in it.

Tip: Soak the green moong dal for 15-20 minutes dal while cooking. This will help in better absorption of nutrients.

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