Daily horoscope for all zodiac signs: September 5, 2022

Scroll down to know your horoscope today on September 5, 2022 as predicted by astrologer Pandit Jagannath Guruji


Don’t splurge just because you just got your salary, control your urge to spend today. Health will be fine and emotionally your stress will go away by meeting friends.


Your day will be dominated by your love life and to combat that stress, you will flirt with someone at work. Do not get into that. Financially you are sound today like always and health is stable too.


Your bosses at work will be impressed by a certain idea of yours. Health and wealth shall remain stable. Love life may suffer due to an argument.


Money should be saved for something lucrative so do not indulge in those sweets your body doesn’t need. Health may suffer due to a headache. Office will be hectic like every Monday.


You may get a chance to make extra money so analyse before jumping into it. A stomach ache may ruin your mood today but your partner or love interest will cheer you up.


You may sit and do some calculations of your savings but all will be good. Work will be hectic because you will make it hectic. A friend may ask you to meet up, go for it, it will take away your stress. Your partner will be in a good mood.


You will be able to see through a certain facade put up by a colleague. Calm your horses as something deeper is brewing at work. Your health will be fine and so will your wealth. Love life will be as usual.


You may disappoint someone in the process of going for a greater good. Let go of your anger for your partner, if you don’t want a breakup. You may want to see the returns of your investments today.


Businessmen are in for a pleasant surprise financially. Those in love may suffer but a good meal will take care of that. A back ache seems to be there in your stars but it can be avoided.


You will get some sense of satisfaction when you take account of your bank balance. A fight with a love interest is indicated. Mental health will go for a toss.


Take an off or a half day from work because your body seems to be crying out for some relaxation. Work and wealth will be fine. Love is not there in the picture today.


Someone will lie to you and you will see that but letting go at the moment will be a good idea. Do not buy anything on impulse. Love life may suffer but nothing serious. Work will be okay too.

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