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Exclusive! Mohammad Faiz declared winner of Superstar Singer 2, says he felt no pressure because he wasn’t competing with anyone but himself

The singing reality show Superstar Singer Season 2 has announced Mohammad Faiz as its winner. Faiz, a 14-year-old, from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, is naturally thrilled. In an exclusive interview with Bombay Times, he said, “When I was announced the winner of the show, everyone around me was crying and clapping. My mama lifted me up on stage after I was announced the winner. My father lives out of India, I spoke to him and he was very happy. Even my mother and sisters had happy tears; it made me feel good that I could make everyone around me proud.”

Faiz never felt the pressure and always tried to stay calm through the past few months. He shared, “I never thought about the competition or about the finale. For me, we were all just focusing on learning and performing music, we never sang just to compete with each other. In fact, in my mind, I was competing with my own self. Each time I wanted to put up a better performance than the previous one. So I was only working on my skills because I had to beat myself each time, rather than looking at how others were singing.”

When asked which is his favourite genre, he said, “On this show, I have sung songs from every genre – from Sufi to ghazal to romantic ones. I would like to call myself a versatile singer. As an artiste, I want to sing all kinds of songs in the future as well.”

Faiz who’s currently in Class IX, wants to balance singing with his studies. He said, “Going ahead, I want to focus on my studies and also keep getting better at singing. I want to keep doing riaz and stay connected with the audiences.”

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