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File murder case, order CBI inquiry: Sonali’s Phogat kin, No Prima Facie Proof, Say Cops

File murder case, order CBI inquiry: Sonali’s Phogat kin, No Prima Facie Proof, Say Cops

Panaji : The family of Haryana BJP politician Sonali Phogat, who died in Goa on Tuesday, demanded that a murder case be registered against two individuals who were accompanying her. Goa police, however, said there are no prima facie circumstances to register such a case.
Phogat’s brother Rinku Dhaka also demanded a CBI inquiry into her death. “If our FIR is not registered, we will not allow the postmortem examination to be conducted. Goa police have not started any investigation. A postmortem examination would have otherwise been conducted, and we would have left the state, but nothing has happened,”Dhaka said on Wednesday. “If police continue to behave like this and do not register an FIR, we will conduct a postmortem examination at AIIMS in Delhi or Jaipur,” said Dhaka, who has filed a complaint at the Anjuna police station demanding that a case of murder be registered.

Police confirmed that the autopsy was not conducted due to the family’s demand to register Phogat’s death as a murder case. They also said that representatives of the National Commission for Women have arrived in Goa and have visited the hotel where Phogat was staying. Director general of police Jaspal Singh told TOI that inquest proceedings are under way in keeping with provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure.
“The local police are inquiring into the cause of death but is not proceeding any further due to the family insisting on a murder case being registeredfirst. There are, however, no prima facie circumstances to do this,” Singh said. “Any further delay on part of the family to proceed with the postmortem examination will only delay the process of justice. ”
Meanwhile, chief minister Pramod Sawant said on Wednesday, “Preliminary investigation has revealed that Phogat died due to cardiac arrest. The case is being monitored by the DGP. ”

Dhaka, however, is convinced that his sister’s death was a “pre-planned murder”.

“I have come to Goa and based on the inquiry I have conducted, hers is not a normal death but a pre-planned murder. I have filed a complaint, but till now, no FIR has been registered. They (police) are telling me that the postmortem examination will be conducted first and only then will an FIR be registered,” Dhaka told reporters outsideAnjuna police station. “I demand that the CBI conduct an inquiry and my sister be given justice. I am confident that her personal assistant and another person are involved in the case. Their planning was on for the last couple of days. ”

Dhaka also said Phogat had spoken to him, her sister and her mother before her death. “After talking to her, it was clear that she was in danger, and anything could happen to her any time. We told her to keep her distance and come back. We told her we will take police action against them,” Dhaka said, adding: “She was scared and threatened. She told us that something was mixed in her food and her hands and legs were getting numb, because of which she was restless. The people who committed the murder were with her the entire time. ” Phogat had not informed family about her Goa trip plans.

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