How a man found his stolen car using Apple AirPods and Find My app

Apple AirTag is known to find missing or stolen items. However, a case has emerged in New Hampshire, USA, where a man found his stolen car using his AirPods. According to a report by AppleInsider, Mike McCormack, left his car warming up and went inside his home to grab a bottle of water. His car was stolen from outside his house but two days later he found it. How? Because he had left his AirPods inside the car.
According to the report, McCormack said that he left the gym with his girlfriend and thought of checking the Find My app on his iPhone. “My AirPods popped up and said they found a location on East Road in Weare, New Hampshire, and I was like Let’s get them right now,” he was quoted as saying. The police were told about the stolen car and they made an attempt to track the vehicle. However, as per the report, when the police reached the location they saw the car had reached a dead end and its occupants made a run into the woods to escape. The police nabbed the two occupants who were charged with car theft.
How does Find My app work?
The app made its debut a couple of years ago with iOS 13. Apple explains that the ‘Find my’ app in an iDevice makes use of Bluetooth connectivity at all times so that its able to beam the geo-location of the device on to the nearby iDevice, which will relay the location to the cloud. This lets users see the exact location of the offline/stolen device remotely. The company even mentions that this Bluetooth connectivity is designed in a way that it cannot be misused by interlopers to track the device. This won’t even show Apple the location of the stolen device as the entire interaction is end-to-end encrypted.

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