International Digital Dentistry Implantology Conclave 2022′ organised in Pune by Indian Society of Digital Dentistry

Pune: The Indian Society of Digital Dentistry (ISDD) has organised the “International Digital Dentistry Implantology Conclave 2022’ from November 18 to 20 later this week. The three-day-long conclave will witness the participation of speakers, delegates, and experts from several countries who would be speaking on a variety of topics concerning dentistry. On the first day of the conclave, the pre-conference sessions will be followed by a formal inaugural session. Post-inauguration, Krzysztof Powolny will deliver a talk on ‘Effectiveness of Digital Marketing in Dental Practices.’
On the second day of the conference, Dr Barbara Sobczak will speak on ‘Innovative fully digital full arch treatment protocol’; Dr Haitham Sharshar on ‘Artificial Intelligence in Digital Dentistry’; Dr Panos Diamantopoulos on ‘The Past, Present, and Future of computer-aided Implantology and Surgery’; Dr George Zorogiannidis on ‘Static Guided Surgery and Dynamic Navigation in Implantology’; Sander Polanco on ‘Photoprogrammetry and 4D Digital Work Flow’; Dr Z Burak Hasar on ‘M Guide and Digital Work Flow’; Dr Sandip Ganni on ‘Simulation Integrated Digital Dentistry’.
On the concluding day of the conclave, Dr Nicola De Robertis will talk about ‘Drills Free, Zero Bone Removal, How magnetic dynamic becomes the new standard in guided surgery’; Dr Gulshan Murgai on ‘Changing Perceptions with Digital Dentistry’; Dr Sathish Palayam on ‘Robotic Surgery’; Dr Paresh Patel on ‘Transforming Digital Dentistry approaches in multiple restorative situations’; Dr Deepak Bhagat and Sander Polanco on ‘Communication between clinician and master technician in digital workflow for full mouth rehabilitation’.Panel discussion on the ‘Role of Futuristic Technologies Impacting Clinical Practices’ will be conducted at the end of the third day of the conclave.

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