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iOS 16 battery ‘drain’: What you can do to fix it

iOS 16 battery ‘drain’: What you can do to fix it

If you have used the ‘newer’ Pro iPhones — anything above iPhone 12 — then you would know that these smartphones are genuine battery powerhouses, especially the Pro Max. In fact, the battery performance of rival smartphones does frankly pale in comparison to that of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. However, ever since Apple’s latest big OS update — iOS 16 — arrived there has been a significant drop in the battery life of iPhones. Many users have been cribbing about it on Twitter and even we have noticed that the battery drain is happening rather fast — on a couple of iPhones that we downloaded iOS 16. We have seen it on the iPhone 12, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 and somewhat on the iPhone 14 Pro Max as well. Should you be worried if you have downloaded iOS 16? Not really and here we explain the reasons why battery drain may be happening on iPhones running iOS 16

Check your Photos app

When you upgrade to a new iOS version, the backup is restored and photos/videos are something that takes a lot of time to download completely. Because the iPhone is being overworked in the background, the battery drain is faster. It is advisable that you put the iPhone on charging and it will help in saving battery life.
There’s also a new iOS 16 feature in the Photos app that deals with all the duplicate photos in the photo library. With iOS 16, Apple has given a feature where the iPhone automatically goes through the entire library to identify duplicate photos. If you have thousands — and many people actually have more — of photos on your iPhone, the duplication process takes a lot of time and hence ends up consuming a lot of battery.

Update your apps

After a software update, apps need to be in sync with all the new tech that is introduced with iOS 16. Developers have been updating their apps to support the new features and tech in iOS 16. However, users might have not updated them. If the apps haven’t been updated, then they could drain more battery than expected.

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