Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton on his roles in ‘Euphoria’ and Sylvester Stallone’s ‘Samaritan’: I like being the underdog because it is more of a challenge

Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton, best known for his role as Ashtray in the hit teen drama ‘Euphoria’, will soon be seen in the Sylvester Stallone lead superhero film ‘Samaritan’. As the film gets ready for its digital debut on Amazon Prime tomorrow, August 26, Wanna joined by on-screen mom Dascha Polanco, sat down for a chat with ETimes where they spilled the beans about their new tale of redemption and possibilities of signing in more superhero films.
Watch Wanna talk about his journey from ‘Euphoria’ to co-starring with Sly, his love for being an underdog and a whole lot more…

What drew you to ‘Samaritan’ and what was the best part about having Sylvester Stallone
as a co-star?

Dascha: When I auditioned for the movie, I loved the idea of being a part of an action film and of course, Sylvester Stallone! Who wouldn’t want to work with him? Even on-set, being in the presence of such great actors like Pilou Asbaek, Wanna Walton, Sly, going through everything we were going through, it became a story of superheroism but from a different perspective. I must say that I am proud of the work we did along with all the stunts as well. I was really excited about the stunts and now I am ready for the next.

Wanna: What really drew me to ‘Samaritan’, was that it was my very first feature film and it was Sly, man! He was just amazing. He’s been in this game for so long, you get to learn so much from somebody like him. Just props to him for all that he does. I loved that I worked with him and talked about boxing all the time. The chemistry we had was something special. I loved working with everyone on this film.

Wanna, this is releasing after your turn in ‘The Umbrella Academy’, how would you say ‘Euphoria’ served as a perfect launchpad for you?

Wanna: Euphoria was definitely my start. It launched me. I loved Euphoria, it did wonders for me and it’s so wonderful that I was even offered that opportunity. I’m so glad that I took it and that I performed amazingly well at it.

I’m really happy about the outcome, it was a huge launch for me and got me to this point where I am in my career. I did ‘Samaritan’ and loved it, I did ‘Umbrella Academy’, did another season of ‘Euphoria’, got into ‘Adams Family’ and expanded my acting to all different kinds of genres.

‘Samaritan’ is an unconventional superhero film, but if you get to pick between Marvel and DC, which one would you pick?

Dascha: One that pays the cheque. Who has that cheque?

Wanna: I feel you, but both are just so amazing to be a part of. I’d love a part in either.

Dascha: Why not be part of both?

Wanna: I want to be my own superhero though… like ‘Samaritan’

Wanna, you have a twin brother. In real life, would you want to be someone like Samaritan or Nemesis?

Wanna: I think I would want to be Nemesis. He’s the underdog. I like being the underdog because it is more of a challenge. When you get to the top, you’ve already made it, but when you are the underdog, you’re way more hungry. There’s something there that you know you want and can achieve. I feel when people get to that certain level, they forget about that drive that got them to that level. I think I’d be Nemesis.

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