Kartik Aaryan was offered Akshay Kumar’s gutkha ad first – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News

A leading ad filmmaker has now spilt the beans to ETimes about a very controversial gutkha ad where Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan were recently joined by Akshay Kumar. The allegedly cancerous by-product was earlier endorsed by Devgn and Khan, in their only appearance together.

“Then they wanted to bring in a third A-lister, this time a much younger superstar. So they offered Kartik Aaryan close to Rs 15 crores to join Devgn and SRK. Kartik’s response was an absolute no. Only then did the makers go to Akshay Kumar,” the ad guru informed us.

Earlier Kartik Aaryan has resolutely said no to a tempting offer to endorse paan masala brand, too. He had said no to what is believed to be an 8-9 crore offer to endorse the paan masala brand. Kartik seems to be conscious of his responsibilities as a youth icon.

This level of conscience is a rare commodity in today’s actors who suffer from the gift of the ‘grab’. Saying no to such big money is never easy.

Beating the other favourite Ranveer Singh, Kartik Aaryan has emerged as the most sought-after entertainment celebrity to endorse consumer products, be it colas and chocolates or high-end cars. Kartik is being offered them all.

A leading ad guru who wishes to remain unnamed as he doesn’t want to cause any offence reveals, “Kartik has moved ahead of all competition in the endorsement field. Other top names for endorsements like Ranveer, Deepika, Kareena and Katrina have the advantage of being paired with their star-spouses. Kartik has done it on his own.”

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