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Meta layoffs: These Indian techies were laid off within 2-3 days of their joining

Meta layoffs: These Indian techies were laid off within 2-3 days of their joining

Meta recently announced that the company has laid off 11,000 employees across the world to reduce costs. Amongst these employees, there were a few Indian “techies” who quit their stable job to join the social media giant just two or three days before they were laid off. According to a report by The Economic Times, the Indian employees of Meta were thrown off guard after the company announced the mass layoffs that wiped out 13% of the company’s total workforce. The report also shares the account of two Indian employees who were laid off just a few days after their joining.
Indian ‘techies’ laid off after 2-3 days of joining
As per the report, Neelima Agarwal, an IT professional shared a post on the social media platform LinkedIn mentioning her switch to Meta. Agarwal left her two-year-old Microsoft job in Hyderabad to join the social media giant.

The report even noted that Agarwal relocated from India to Canada last week to join Meta two days ago. She also mentioned that she had to go through a long visa process to join the company and was unfortunately laid off within a couple of days. Agarwal was also among the 11,000 employees that were laid off worldwide.
Meanwhile, another employee Vishwajeet Jha joined Meta three days before he was laid off. Before joining the Facebook parent, Jha used to work in Amazon’s Bangalore office for three years.
Jha also mentioned the “long visa process” and showed support for all the employees that have been hit by the layoffs. However, Meta has not revealed the country-specific number for the layoffs, but the company’s India staff are curious about their current employment status, the report adds.

Apart from Meta, Twitter has also announced massive job cuts this week. The micro-blogging platform has reportedly fired 7,500 employees around the globe and has reduced more than half of its Indian staff.

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