Microsoft may have leaked this feature for Notepad app on Windows 11

Microsoft may have accidentally announced a feature that it is working on for the Notepad app on Windows 11. Just like the tabs to the file explorer on the latest iteration of the OS, the company may also bring tabs to the Notepad app.
As per Windows Central, a Microsoft employee, who is a senior product manager at Microsoft, tweeted a photo of a version of Notepad with tabs. The tweet reportedly said “Notepad in Windows 11 now has tabs!” with a loudspeaker emoji. However, it was deleted minutes later.
Meanwhile, the Notepad screenshot shows an internal warning: “Confidential Don’t discuss features or take screenshots.” That warning suggests that the company is not ready to ship the feature yet and it may arrive to Windows Insiders sometime in early 2023.

What is tabs feature on Windows 11
Just like tabs help users to open multiple websites in a single window in web browsers, it will also work in a similar fashion in the Notepad app. Users may be able to open tabs which appear along the top of the app (like tabs in File Explorer) allowing them to open multiple .txt files in the same window.

Tabs for File Explorer
Notepad app may essentially be the first built-in app to get the tab feature after Microsoft added tabs to File Explorer earlier this year. The tabs feature for File Explorer was rolled out to Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel. The tabs feature offers a refreshed design and makes it easier to quickly find files of folders.
Better performance?
Folks at Windows Latest claim that they tested the tab feature in File Explorer and observed a new tab increases memory consumption by “just a couple of megabytes” essentially making the feature contribute to better performance. The tabs feature in Notepad app is also expected to offer the same functionality.

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