More trouble for Google as it faces a third fine in India, here’s what the company has to say

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has already fined Google twice in less than a month and looks like the antitrust watchdog is again preparing to slap another penalty for alleged market dominance abuse in the smart TV market. The company, however, says that all its “practices are in compliance with all applicable competition laws.”
As per a report by The Economic Times, the CCI has concluded an investigation into the allegations of market dominance abuse by Google in the smart TV market. According to the accusations, Google prohibits OEMs from producing, distributing, or selling any other smart TVs that are not based on Android. As per the complaints against Google, TV manufacturers are needed to enter into a licensing agreement with the tech giant.
Furthermore, it has been alleged that TVs manufactured by those who have not signed the agreement with Google do not get access to Google Play Store services. These services come pre-installed in TVs manufactured by companies that are in agreement with the company.

“The investigation has dwelt into various allegations made by the informants which essentially revolve around denial of market access to any manufacturer who doesn’t enter a licensing agreement with Google,” the report quoted a person with direct knowledge of the CCI investigation as saying.
Practices in compliance with laws: Google
Google reportedly told the publication that its practices are in compliance with all competition laws. “The emerging smart TV sector in India is thriving, due in part to Google’s free licensing model, and Android TV competes with numerous well-established TV OSes such as FireOS, Tizen, and WebOS. We are confident that our smart TV licensing practices are in compliance with all applicable competition laws,” a Google spokesperson was quoted as saying.
The CCI recently fined Google a total of Rs 2,274 crore for “anti-competitive practices in relation to its Play Store policies” in India.

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