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PM Modi only neta after Mahatma Gandhi who reads mass sentiment: Rajnath Singh | India News

NEW DELHI: Defence minister Rajnath Singh on Monday said Narendra Modi is the only leader after Mahatma Gandhi who understood the sentiments of the masses, asserting that the PM directly connects with people who trust him.
Speaking at the release of the book, “The Architect of the New BJP: How Narendra Modi Transformed the Party”, Singh heaped praise on Modi’s governance and organisational capabilities and said he has no parallel in contemporary politics.
“He has made BJP a ‘poll-winning machine’ with his innovations, without compromising on ideology,” Singh said. He said BJP’s ideology and political actions may have contributed to the party’s “invincible” journey in the last eight years but Modi’s strategy in taking this concept to people and winning their trust is without a parallel.
“Whatever work he was assigned by RSS and BJP, Modi carried it out and delivered more than expectations,” Singh said, adding that there has been no other leader like him in independent India. Singh also praised Modi’s innovative approach and the changes he effected in the traditional mode of functioning. He cited surveys to assert that Modi’s enduring popularity has left not only Indian but also global leaders behind. While anti-incumbency is often counted as a factor against those in power for long, people have not got tired of the PM, he said.
Even political analysts say that those, an apparent reference to opposition parties, thinking beyond Modi should focus on post-2029 period.
“Such is his rare personality and organisational skills, I believe it is not possible without divine capability,” he said.
“Breaking the boundaries of caste and community, he has created a model which I say has no counter. Some people are looking for a counter but have not found it,” he said. “After Mahatma Gandhi, if there is any single leader who could understand the sentiments of the masses, then his name is Narendra Modi,” he said.
Noting that the book, written by journalist Ajay Singh, currently the press secretary to the President, highlights his unparalleled organisational ability and leadership skills, Singh said “Modi hai to mumkin hai” is not merely a slogan but a fact.
J&K LG Manoj Sinha said Modi had transcended caste and regional boundaries and has re-established personal and political morality.

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