Shruti Haasan opens up about the boycott Bollywood campaign; says this hate culture is a representation of society | Hindi Movie News

Shruti Haasan recently opened up about the ongoing boycott Bollywood campaigns and cancel culture. According to her, this hate culture is a representation of the society we live in.

Spilling some beans on the same, the actress told a news portal that it is not just films. According to her, there are many layers to it. The actress also added that we all need to take a step back and understand why those people are losing it. Nothing we see is what it appears to be.

Elaborating further, Shruti added that the cancel culture is an extension of bullying, exposing or attacking a group of people, and exposing or digging up words from the past. We are seeing it because of the film industry, but people need to realise that the culture online is a representation of what’s happening in the society, the actress told Hindustan Times.

The actress also went on to add that the world overall has become an unnecessary negative space. Talking about the kind of hate she herself has to face personally, she stated that she is called names such as ‘chudail’ (witch).

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