Taiwan: Taiwan suspects Chinese ships cut internet cables

NANGAN: In the past month, bed and breakfast owner Chen Yu-lin had to tell his guests he couldn’t provide them with the internet. Others living on Matsu, one of Taiwan‘s outlying islands closer to neighbouring China, had to struggle with paying electricity bills, making a doctor’s appointment or receiving a package. For connecting to the outside world, Matsu‘s 14,000 residents rely on two submarine internet cables leading to Taiwan’s main island.
The National Communications Commission, citing the island’s telecom service, blamed two Chinese ships for cutting the cables. It said a Chinese fishing vessel is suspected of severing the first cable some 50 kilometres out at sea. Six days later, on February 8, a Chinese cargo ship cut the second, NCC said. Taiwan’s government stopped short of calling it a deliberate act on the part of Beijing, and there was no direct evidence to show the Chinese ships were responsible.

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