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Tips for safe driving in traffic for learners or beginners

Tips for safe driving in traffic for learners or beginners

Stress-free and safe driving in congested traffic conditions is every vehicle owner’s dream. It is, however, not hard to achieve this dream. After all, the safe way to commute gives the best stress-free driving experience. By considering these simple suggestions, most of the bumper-to-bumper driving blues will be kept at bay.
Plan the drive
If you’ve been commuting on the same road daily, this mustn’t be a problem. However, it is ideal to make sure that everything is in your favour before hitting the commute. Getting good rest, and starting a lot early can reduce half of the traffic blues.
Other suggestions include using GPS and online maps to find the least congested routes, checking weather updates, and taking lesser-known alternate routes. Sometimes, listening to the radio can also give updates on roads with bad traffic.
Use of clutch and brakes
Using the clutch and brakes efficiently can reduce the damage taken by the car or bike in the long run. The most effective and efficient way to use the clutch is to release it fully rather than releasing it halfway.
Allow the car in front to move a few feet, engage your car into first gear and then slowly release the fully. This will enable the car to crawl in first gear. Then, throttle according to the pace of the traffic.
Before coming to a halt in traffic, it is advisable to hit the clutch before the brakes. When stopping, minimal use of the clutch is always suggested. We are bound to perform these tricks on manual transmission cars to enhance the life of the clutch. A car with automatic transmission is a better choice if driving in congested traffic is an everyday routine.
Using car features to your advantage
Every car has essential features that help you navigate easily through traffic. The use of indicators, horns, pass lights, rearview mirrors, as well as hazard lights can make the commute easier for the driver as well as others on the road.
In dense traffic conditions, it is advisable to keep an eye on the brake lights on the car ahead to stay safe. Using indicators and pass lights can avoid several confusions that occur amidst the chaos in traffic.
Be extra aware of your surroundings
Being aware of the surrounding vehicles and pedestrians is always the most important thing to consider while driving in heavy traffic conditions. The mind of the driver should be constantly conscious of the surroundings to be extra safe and avoid any untoward incidents. Small blind-spot mirrors can be applied on the car’s side mirrors to give a wider view of the surroundings. Be aware of the blind spots around your vehicle, especially while taking turns or shifting lanes.
While being aware of your surroundings is one thing, avoiding distractions is another. Playing loud music and hands-on phone usage during driving can cause the driver to lose focus. Using the car’s wireless hands-free option can enable calling and messaging in a safer, more responsible way.
Driving in traffic can be a lot easier on the mind if the four suggestions are considered. With safety as a priority, these suggestions also help in improving the car’s health in the long run.

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