UK defends asylum plan after Nazi-era Germany comparison

LONDON: Britain Wednesday hit back at critics including the UN refugee agency and football presenter Gary Lineker, after he compared its new plan on illegal immigration to the rhetoric of Nazi-era Germany.
The Conservative government intends to outlaw asylum claims by all illegal arrivals and transfer them elsewhere, such as Rwanda, in a bid to stop thousands of migrants from crossing the Channel on small boats.
Rights groups including the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said the plan would make Britain itself an international outlaw under European and UN conventions on asylum.
Presenting the draft legislation to parliament, home secretary Suella Braverman attached a letter to lawmakers conceding that she could not confirm yet whether the plan respected European human rights law.
But in a round of broadcast interviews, the interior minister insisted the government was within its rights to stop the seaborne migrants, who she said could exceed 80,000 this year.
Lineker, a former striker who presents the BBC’s flagship football coverage on TV, was warned by the broadcaster to respect its social media guidelines after he lashed out at Braverman on Twitter.

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