WhatsApp is rolling out iPhone, Android-like status updates in chat feature for desktop beta

WhatsApp constantly updates its mobile and desktop apps. Earlier this year, it brought a new feature that will allow users to watch their friends’ status updates right from the chat screen. The feature, which is already available on iPhone and Android beta users, is now being rolled out for its desktop client for testing.
Earlier, if a desktop user wanted to check status updates by their contacts, he had to click on the ‘Status’ option. However, now with the new feature being rolled out, the profile picture of the user will have a green ring suggesting that a particular user has posted a status. Clicking on the display picture will play the status update.
“In case the feature is not available for your account, just keep your version of WhatsApp up to date in order to get the feature at a later date. The ability to view status updates within the chat list has been released to some users and it will be rolled out to more people over the coming weeks,” WABetainfo said in a post.

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Mute shortcut for WhatsApp groups on Desktop
Recently, it was reported that WhatsApp would bring a mute shortcut option for groups on the desktop app. The shortcut button would be placed at the top of the group chats, the report said, adding that users would be able to disable notifications for any group they want.

Groups on WhatsApp now support up to 1024 members and having a large number of participants who often send messages could become very distracting for people. An ability to quickly mute such a group is a welcome addition. It is to be noted that the feature is available on mobiles.
WhatsApp on Desktop gets calls tab
Recently, WABetaInfo reported that WhatsApp’s desktop client would soon get a dedicated ‘Calls’ tab – similar to the ‘Calls’ tab on the mobile app. The dedicated tab will offer access to call logs. The feature was rolled out for some users for beta testing.

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