YouTube launches ‘Go Live Together’ feature for select creators

YouTube has announced the launch of a new feature–Go Live Together– which will allow select content creators to invite a guest and go live with them.
“This feature is being expanded to a select group of creators. We hope to let more creators use Go Live Together soon,” YouTube said in a blog post.
However, this feature is only available on phones and it won’t run on YouTube’s desktop version.
Creators can schedule a live stream on their desktop with a guest and then go live from their phone. They can also immediately go live from their mobile device.

Creators are allowed to switch up the guest they have on their live stream. They can have only one person at the time of the live stream. As per the report, after inviting a guest, their stream will appear above their guest’s. Only the creator can view the analytics of the live stream within YouTube Studio, but the guest cannot.
YouTube has also mentioned that the host channel will be responsible for the live content and he/she should ensure that all guests and content on that co-stream adhere to all YouTube terms, including their community guidelines, copyright policy, and all other applicable policies.
Here’s how creators can live co-stream with their guest:

  • Open the YouTube app on your phone.
  • Tap Create + Go Live Together from the bottom.
  • Enter stream details which includes–the title, description, monetisation settings, thumbnails and visibility settings.
  • Tap Done.
  • From “Invite a co-streamer,” choose an option to invite your guest:
  • Now, copy the link and send it to your guest as a message, email or text message.
  • The guest will click on the link sent and will be asked to wait in the waiting room.
  • Once you are ready, tap Go Live.
  • When your co-streamer joins the waiting room, You will be notified when your co-streamer joins.
  • Select Add and then Go live to start your live stream.

YouTube recently rolled out a new feature– Primetime Channels–that allows users to watch their favourite TV shows, movies and sports from the streaming services directly on the app.
The early version of ‘Primetime Channels‘ has been rolled out in the US, YouTube said.

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